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Meet Leigh

01 Meet Leigh

Leigh with Hat 10520.jpg

Specializing in creating interior & exterior spaces that make you feel happy. 

Staging homes for speedy sales so you move to your next dream.

Planning and coordinating unique curated events and experiences that balance fun and function.


Designing with comfort in mind with an emphasis on earthy luxury.


Honoring the history of a home while harmonizing for your life.

You create the custom bold design founded in your

definition of beauty.

02 Inspiration

Desig9ed Inspiration


A collection of photographs from past and present projects, including both interiors and exteriors. 



Curated experiences to make every event feel special, memorable, and most importantly, feel like you. 

OAR Living Room Boston Design.jpg


Inspired by concerts, colors and the world around us, there is a design for every mood. 

03 Contact

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